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Four patch tips, Block Fun and
'Disappearing Blocks'

At Paula Doyles' workshop in November 2022, she taught those attending a great way of constructing 4-patch blocks.  Benta wrote a blog post with lots of photos in case we weren't there or might forget the details of it!  See it in full here

Benta has an idea for some group block making fun!.  Click the PDF button for the instructions.  We made a group quilt for donation with the results from April 2022 - but you can make your own!

Disappearing Nine Patch Ideas

There are lots of of resources on the internet.  Here are just a few to get you started!

Fabulous tutorial with lots of variations to consider  – and lots of scrappy versions.


Twenty Disappearing Quilt Pattern idea – but you have to find your way through the adverts!


Calm disappearing 9 patch quilt tutorial, using just three colours and two types of ‘starter blocks’.


Double disappearing tutorial – gives an interesting effect.


For those of you who want something more than nine patches, there are lots of disappearing pinwheel variations included here!

Disappearing and Magic Blocks - ideas from the member workshop in July 2022

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