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Show and Tell - May 2023

Before Plum led a mini workshop to make a pincushion style machine needle holder, we had our usual show and tell session.


Helen has completed her 'stack and whack' mosaic quilt

 - what a stunner.

On the reverse she included a flash of the original fabric before it was cut.

Jane made this elegant scrap quilt with some gifted fabrics.

May 03.jpg
May 04.jpg
May 01.jpg
May 02.jpg

Sue had also been busy with scraps - making this cheerful quilt from a mixture of scraps and orphan blocks.  Hand quilted.

Kay had also been very productive, making not only lavendar bags (trying to keep the moths away!) but also working on a quilt that Cherille had started..  Looking forward to seeing the constellations coming to life in the borders, Kay!

May 05.jpg
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