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Show and Tell - March 2023

An interesting speaker for our March meeting.  Colleen Thirkell shared beautiful quilts from her quilting journey, from quite traditional to bold and modern, as well as some amazing letter work in both paper and wood.

Later in the meeting members had a show and tell and shared some of their quilts too, whilst we all mused on whether we had 'go to' quilt blocks in the same way that Colleen told us that she gravitated to stars.

a 01.jpg
a 02.jpg
a 03a.jpg

Kay showed us one of her earlier and one of her more recent quilts - Hammersmith Bridge depicted in beautiful machine quilting!

Debbie showed two lovely quilts from her journey. One of her earlier quilts was this broken dishes one, but the most recent quilt has lots of different techniques.


Benta showed us a fun early pirate quilt, ,and her current work in progress - a community project in three panels.

Fiona shared two of her beautifully worked small patchwork quilts, showing a simple block in one, and a more complex setting of three different blocks..

Plum had decorated her 'ginger' from last month - using a costume from &Juliet as her inspiration

Brigitta showed her beautiful quilt using lots of different techniques, her 'Patchwork of Love'.

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